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Welcome to Connect Counselling – where talking can be the key to the life changes you long for…

I am a counsellor working face to face and online with clients who feel that they need extra emotional support in their lives. I see clients with a variety of problems and have a specialism working with clients dealing with anxiety, depression, life changes and loss.


Working together we can make meaning of your past and current struggles to help you move forward with resilience and confidence.

Are you…

  • Feeling disconnected and unsure about life?

  • Anxious or overwhelmed by decisions?

  • Feeling a sense of loss?

  • Struggling with relationships?

  • Recently bereaved?

  • Facing a change in your circumstances?

Have you…

  • Ever thought about the benefits of talking to a trained counsellor?

  • Ever wondered if talking to someone removed from your family and friends could help?

  • Ever felt properly listened to?

If any of the above rings true for you, and you would like some support whilst working through your challenges please get in touch, you do not have to struggle alone.  I can help you.  It's good to talk and I am trained to listen.

Anne-Marie Cooper-Kilroy

Counsellor MBACP



How can I help you?

"I understand that making the first contact with a therapist can feel frightening or even overwhelming."

"But if you do decide to get in touch, we will work together at your own pace. With no pressure or judgement, we will try to connect the dots of whatever challenges you are facing now."


"My foundations in psychodynamic counselling means that, not only will we talk about what is happening now, but we will also talk about your previous life experiences and explore how what is happening now may have originated in your younger years."


"How might I help you? Everybody has problems, but for some working through them is more challenging than for others; perhaps because of an early childhood experience or trauma, or a relationship problem, or a feeling of sadness that might feel too hard or frightening to unpack alone.  I can help."


"It’s ok not to be ok, but you don’t have to be alone with your struggle. Counselling will help you make meaning of how and why you are feeling the way you do and enable you to move forward with resilience and confidence." 

"I very much look forward to meeting you…"

Anne-Marie Cooper-Kilroy

Counsellor MBACP


Are you feeling lonely, overwhelmed and anxious about life during the current Coronavirus Covid-19 situation? 

If so, don't hesitate to get in touch – I am working with clients on a virtual basis during this very unusual and stressful period. Please do not suffer alone.


Enrichment in Self Knowledge

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 Contact me today and let's talk.

Anne-Marie Cooper-Kilroy

Bedford Heights,

Brickhill Drive, 


MK41 7PH

07516 569029


"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again"

Victor Hugo Les Miserables

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