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Counselling has been described as the 'talking cure'.

When people get together and share their concerns and struggles, the problem is often reduced - simply by saying it out loud with time and space to think.

Sometimes our worries feel overwhelming and we find it hard to speak to our friends or family. If this feels like you, then perhaps working with a counsellor might be just what you need. There can be a freedom in a therapy room for a client who is able to share their worries and thoughts with someone who is totally removed from your family and social circles.

There is no judgement, just listening.

Ideally, as an individual client, we would see each other every week at a regular time. The session is for you to talk about whatever is on your mind - there is no agenda, we will simply work together. Individual counselling is open-ended, so there is no time limit.

When working with couples I like to give both parties the opportunity to see me, both together and individually, with the relationship as the focus of the work. Together we will work out a schedule of meetings - weekly or fortnightly - usually for 8-10 sessions but open to variation according to the nature and complexity of the work.

Group sessions will be advertised throughout the year. Each will follow a theme and run for eight weeks, with no more than six clients in any one group.

Is therapy for me?

Clients often say that it feels strange to devote a period of time to talking about themselves. However, they unanimously agree that it brings a certain freedom also.

Therapy provides a place to think and be listened to; somewhere to talk safely through problems or to have space for thought and reflection.

As a stranger, trained to listen and respond, I am able to help you unpick and understand the challenges you are facing. The very fact that I am a stranger enables you to be honest with how you are feeling - you don't have to worry about my approval or otherwise. Instead, I am able to empathise and walk with you through your challenges or suffering and, hopefully, help enable change and new thinking.

So, something which might feel strange at the beginning of your therapeutic journey soon becomes valuable as it enables you to discover the authentic you without judgement.

I hope you decide to get in touch.

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