Please get in touch by clicking on one of the links to my email or telephone me with your details and I will return your message as quickly as I can.  We will arrange a time to meet for an assessment (pre-paid), in this time you can tell me why you have decided to come to counselling and what you hope to achieve from our time together.  An assessment gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit and decide if we can work together to form a therapeutic relationship.  I will also talk through our contract which will include the confidentiality agreement, note storage and supervision.


We will arrange a time that is suitable to both of us. My therapy room is at Bedford Heights on Manton Lane, Bedford, there is on site parking and access for wheelchairs.  Please report into reception and I will come and greet you at our appointment time but if you arrive early there is seating in a reception area, ALL visitors must sign in.  

I practice open ended individual counselling, we will meet weekly at a regular time.  Sessions will be paid in advance and each session is 50 minutes in length.

Couple sessions can be a little bit more spread out  as we may meet weekly or fortnightly, the work is short term and approximates 8-10 sessions in total.

Group meetings will be advertised throughout the year, they will follow a theme, for example, menopause to unite women at a similar stage in their lives to share experiences and create a support group.


Individual counselling sessions are 1:1, friends or family support will not be able to come into the therapy room with you.

Couples therapy will include sessions when we all meet together but there may also be sessions when I meet with each partner individually.  

Group sessions will consist of 4-6 clients and is a space to explore themes with others experiencing similar issues.


I am often told by clients that it feels strange or selfish to talk about themselves for a period of time but they unanimously agree that it brings a certain freedom also.  Therapy provides a place to think and be listened to; somewhere to safely talk through problems or have space for thought and reflection. I am a stranger, who is trained to listen and respond to help you unpick and understand the challenges you are facing.  The fact that I am a stranger enables you to be honest with how you are feeling without worrying about pleasing me instead I am able to empathise and walk with you through your challenges or suffering, hopefully, to help enable change and new thinking.  So what might feel strange at the beginning of your therapeutic journey soon becomes valuable as it enables you to discover the authentic you without judgement.

I hope you decide to get in touch.


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